Four Door SU

Finishes Available
Just above your study table, along the walls of your kitchen or in your living room for cutlery and crockery, the four door storage unit takes care of whatever your storage requirements.
Size Options (LxW) Height
6′ X 1’8″ 2′
The Smart Range Benefits
  • No hollow corners for spiders to make their homes
  • No weight limits for storage
  • No tension of transport
  • No hassle of hiring a carpenter; assemble/dismantle yourself
  • No reason to fear mites and bugs
  • No sharp edges that could hurt kids
  • No welded corners eliminating all possibilities of corrosion/rusting
  • No worry of scratches
  • No temperature deformations; can bear fire for 3 hours without being deformed
  • No guilt of cutting down trees
Don’t wait to flaunt smartness through your home.