Two Door SU

Maple Wood Composite
Pine Wood Composite
Teak Wood Composite
Finishes Available
A study room with extra books or a kitchen with extra containers, this double door utility unit will hardly occupy space and yet provide you much more in return.
Size Options (LxW) Height
3′ X 1’8″ 2′
The Smart Range Benefits
  • No hollow corners for spiders to make their homes
  • No weight limits for storage
  • No tension of transport
  • No hassle of hiring a carpenter; assemble/dismantle yourself
  • No reason to fear mites and bugs
  • No sharp edges that could hurt kids
  • No welded corners eliminating all possibilities of corrosion/rusting
  • No worry of scratches
  • No temperature deformations; can bear fire for 3 hours without being deformed
  • No guilt of cutting down trees
Don’t wait to flaunt smartness through your home.