Eco Plus

Flat Red
Finishes Available
Practical, portable, durable, sensible, economical and what not. The eco-series wardrobe is made for India and loved by Indians. It’s strong and safe, yet light and colourful.
Size Options (LxW) Height
3′ X 1’8″ 6’6″
What makes it a favourite?
The Eco-Series is the most popular for many reasons. Here are a couple of them…
 Exceedingly Practical
  • Spacious with an integrated locker and hanging arrangement
  • Specially designed interlocking joints that leave no room for mites or bugs and no hollow corners for spiders to make their homes
  • Ergonomic design - No sharp edges that could hurt kids
  • Three way locking for the extra security of your valuables
Exceptionally Durable
  • Powder-coated – Scratch resistant and no worry of paint peeling off
  • Stiffened shelves for better stability and longer life
  • No welded corners eliminates maximum possibilities of rusting
  • Fire Rating of 650˚C
Easily Economical
  • Zero-maintenance cost - highly durable and corrosion-resistant 7-tank processed steel
  • Replaceable parts available – No need to replace the entire unit
Extremely Portable
  • Super light - No tension of transport
  • No hassle of hiring a carpenter; assemble/dismantle yourself
Extraordinarily Sensible
  • The Eco-Series is created of corrosion resistant sheet metal so they’re absolutely eco-friendly
So when are you getting your new favourite home?