Four Draw PJDU F04

Finishes Available
Offices can look pretty shabby when there’s junk all over the place. Be it files, blank paper, old bills or new receipts, everything better have its place. The Panajoy four drawer unit will sit quietly beside any wall you have to spare and do its job of keeping your documents safe and your office tidy.
Model No. Product Dimensions in mm Package Details Steel Used Sheet Thickness Finish
PJDU F04 H 1315 x W 460 x D 600  
Box Dimension:
1355 X 635 X 85 mm 
42 kg
0.0731 cbm
Cold Rolled Steel 0.6 mm 7 Tank Processed Steel with Powder Coating
Here’s why it’s well-qualified for your office
  • Easily detachable and extremely portable which makes it easier to move and shift from one corner to another or even one location to another.
  • No welded corners eliminate all possibilities of corrosion.
  • The immaculate powder-coat finish gives it the style and protection that paint can never match. In addition, paint peeling and retouching will soon be history to you.
  • The strong and durable steel sets no limits to storage. Stock your files, your books and all your paper work with ease.
  • No hollow corners eliminate the reason to fear mites and bugs that could cause harm to your important documents.
  • The safe locking system makes it an ideal place to store your important documents. The abundance of space doesn’t require you to prioritise what’s more important – Whether it’s your award-winning project file you wouldn’t want anyone to lay their eyes on or the advance surprise gift you wouldn’t want your wife to see.
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