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Why Us?

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Why Us?

Other than an unbeatable legacy of quality, technology and innovation, you would never fall short of reasons to pick Panajoy as your official furniture partner.

Switch to Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is exceptionally strong, highly durable and corrosion-resistant. And at Panajoy we use it to make furniture that’s easily detachable, extremely portable and lasts longer than a lifetime.
Available in a number of shades, you can pick the one that’s closest to your imagination. And if you’re one of those who fancy wood, we’ve got just the range that would fascinate you…
Making lifestyles smarter!

We present to you our eco-modular range of furniture created using galvanised steel and perfected to match your style. Whether it’s the living room you wish to glamorise, the dining area you hope to jazz up or the study area you want to introduce smartness to, we have furniture that’s ideal for all of it and more. Match your shade and buy for yourself the smartest ever, zero maintenance furniture.
The Smart Range Benefits

Specially designed interlocking joints that leave no room for mites or bugs and no hollow corners for spiders to make their home.
Stiffened shelves for better stability and longer life.  
  No tension of transport.
No hassle of hiring a carpenter: Assemble/ Dismantle it yourselft.  
  Ergonomic design: No sharp edges that could hurt kids
No welded corners eliminating all possibilities of corrosion/ rusting.  
  Scratch resistant powder coated finish.
Fire rating of 650 degrees Celcius: Can bear fire for 3 hours without being deformed.  

Don’t wait to flaunt smartness through your home.